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iCEblink40-HX1K Evaluation Kit
原廠/品牌: Lattice 上架日期: 05/23
供應商: Lattice 產品類別: FPGA

     low-cost platform for evaluating and developing with the low-power iCE40HX1K mobileFPGATM. The board provides access to general-purpose I/O and includes capacitive-touch buttons and LEDs. The board is powered and programmed via USB. An on-board microcontroller enables 2-way communication with the iCE40HX1K mobileFPGA.

     The free iCEcube2TM development tool controls programming, accesses virtual I/O functions, and runs the included demos. The tools can be downloaded from the Lattice website.

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ICE40HX1K-BLINK-EVN iCEblink40-HX1K Evaluation Kit    電洽 2週交貨 1 電洽