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MachXO Control Development Kit
原廠/品牌: Lattice 上架日期: 03/22
供應商: Lattice 產品類別: CPLD

     The MachXO Control Development Kit is a platform for

     rapidly prototyping system control designs using MachXO PLDs. The kit features the MachXO LCMXO2280 device, Power Manager II ispPAC-POWR1014A, 2 Mbit SPI Flash and 1 Mbit SRAM memory, a temperature sensor, an expansion header for I2C and SPI interfaces, and several LEDs and user switches.Using the preloaded control system-on-chip (Control SoC) design provided with the development kit, you can now test within minutes board control functions including fan speed control based on temperature monitoring, LCD control, complete power supply monitoring and reset distribution in conjunction with the Power Manager II POWR1014A and 8-bit LatticeMico8 microcontroller. You can then build your own designs using the free downloadable reference design source code, implementing these features in less than an hour. The board also features USB channels for JTAG programming and debugging from a host PC. A prototype area provides access to a variety of PIO banks of the MachXO PLD and the on-board I2C bus. The board can be controlled with a menu driven interface via terminal programs running on a host PC.

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LCMXO2280C-C-EVN MachXO Control Development Kit    電洽 2週交貨 1 電洽

Development Kit Contents

  • The MachXO Control Evaluation Board features the following:
    • Preloaded Control SoC demo
    • MachXO LCMXO2280
    • Power Manager II ispPAC-POWR1014A
    • 2Mbit SPI Flash & 1Mbit SRAM 
    • I2C temperature sensor
    • Current and voltage sensor circuits
    • On-board fan
    • Interface to 16 x 2 LCD panel *
    • SD memory and Compact Flash memory card sockets * 
    • Audio output channel
    • Expansion header for SPI & I2C
    • LEDs & switches
    • Standard USB cable for device programming and I2C communication
    • RS-232/USB & JTAG/USB interface
    • 3" x 1" prototyping area
    • RoHS-compliant packaging and process 
    * LCD panel and SD / Compact Flash memory not included in the development kit
  • AC adapter (international plugs)
  • QuickSTART Guide